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A game that will change the idea of crafting style.


We are introducing Kawaii World ― a world of unlimited opportunities!


Kawaii World is a cubic sandbox game that crafts everything you want, which allows you to explore, the most beautiful kawaii world. In this perfect game for girls and boys most sweet thing is the creates a kawaii dream island! Start building and show the world your cute kawaii constructions.


In this game, they are waiting for you:

► Pandas, foxes, wolves, bears, deers, and other forest mobs;

► Giant and Small Spiders;

► Cats, dogs, horses, sheep, and other pets;

► Insidious Skeletons;

► Strong Zombies and other hostile mobs;

► Computers and other different mechanisms;

► A lot of different biomes and the unique topography;

► A large number of different foods and plants;

► Singleplayer with Survival and Creative modes;

► Multi-Player mode on multiple servers;

► Fantastic graphics – enjoy the best kawaii graphics with high FPS.


In this game, your actions are limited only by your imagination!

Choose your side in this world ― a Builder (Creative mode) or an Explorer (Survival mode) who is drawn to discover more and more unexplored places.

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